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We are a small, family owned and run business.

The epitome of the American dream.

Feliciano, the patriarch of the Montes Family and one of our founders, migrated to the US at the age of 19 years old, working as a journeyman at an onion field in Nevada. After a couple of years and many jobs he ended up in Maryland working for a landscaping company where he found his calling. 

He wanted his children to follow in his footsteps and make way for themselves. 

In 2012, Jose approached his father with the idea to start their business as a way to earn a bit more income on the weekends. 

After 9 years of hard work and gaining more experience, they finally decided to quit their full time jobs. They realized they had become too complacent with their everyday lives and created JF Montes, Inc. 

When you are getting work done by us, you're not only using a small business and helping your community but also, become part of our family. Know that at every step of the way, our team will treat you with the upmost respect and will have a guiding hand whenever any questions arise. 

At JF Montes, Inc., we understand that making life good and easy for our employees and clients make life good and easy for us. "It's all about the people". 

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